Winking Owl Wine Review (by a Frugal Mom)

An honest review of Aldi’s Winking Owl Wine

If you’ve shopped at Aldi, you’ve most likely seen their Winking Owl Wine.

I was so excited when I found it, and I want to share it with you! Keep reading to hear my Winking Owl Wine Review.

*All opinions in this review are mine and I did not receive any compensation in exchange for them.

I consider myself a late bloomer when it comes to wine. I tasted it once when I was seventeen, and my naivete made me think it was the most disgusting thing ever.

Granted, I tasted a super dry wine, so that didn’t help matters much.

I didn’t have another sip of wine again until I was almost 30 years old.

At that point, I knew my palate must have been more sophisticated because I didn’t cringe, and it actually tasted somewhat pleasant.

Since then, I’ve been conducting an experiment where I try wine at least once a week to encourage my palate’s continued appreciation of it.

Ok, I’m kidding; there really is no experiment. I just like wine. Enough to blog about it.

Winking Owl Wine- Aldi

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My Favorite Kind of Wine

There’s nothing as relaxing as a nice glass of Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon after a busy day of chasing kids around.

I like to pour myself a glass, grab whatever Nora Roberts book I am reading at the moment, and snuggle on the couch to end my day on a good note.

That typically lasts an average of 3.75 minutes before one of the kids gets out of bed to ask me a question or tell me about the random mole they found by their belly button. But those 3.75 minutes are pure bliss to me.

I’ve tried my share of wines. I started out drinking sweet wines, mostly Riesling or Moscato. Then, as my taste for wine started developing I began throwing in dryer wines here and there.

Now that I’m teetering dangerously close to the edge of 40, I find that dryer red wine suits my taste perfectly.


When I drink white wine, Pinot Grigio is my wine of choice. It’s crisp and refreshing, and I like that it’s not very sweet.

Is Expensive Wine Better Than Cheaper Ones?

One thing that nobody can ever accuse me of is being a wine snob. My idea of splurging is shelling out $10 for a bottle of Vermouth.

If a bottle of wine costs more than five dollars, it probably isn’t coming home with me.

I’ve tried more expensive wines, but it has been rare for me to notice a huge difference in quality.

I’m not a wine expert, and I’m sure there are subtle differences that a trained wine tester would notice.

But for me, as a mom of five who likes to relax with a glass without breaking my budget, cheap wine is the way to go.

aldi winking owl wine review
Photo: Pixabay

We were lucky enough to get an Aldi in Tuscaloosa a few years ago. I love the fact that when I walk in, I’m greeted by a long wall of the great wine selection they offer.

I don’t have anything bad to say about any of the brands they carry. However, I will say the $2.89 price tag on the Winking Owl brand is what hooked me.

Aldi Winking Owl Wine Review
Some of the Winking Owl Selection

As I’ve said, I’m not a wine expert. And I’m sure there are people out there who won’t agree with my assessment of Winking Owl wine.

To each their own. To me, a $3 bottle of wine that tastes great is hard to beat.

Sure, I could go out and drop $20 on something that might taste a little better, but my whole goal in life is to enjoy it without spending all of my money!

Winking Owl Wine Types

Merlot- My favorite of the Winking Owl Wine is Merlot. I like it so much I could probably write a poem about it.

Merlot, Merlot
How I love thee so
Not too sweet, Not too dry
Just perfect enough
To make me sigh

Ok, so I’m not a poet. But I really do like it that much.

Winking Owl Wine Merlot is on the dryer side, but not so dry your tongue feels swollen. (I HATE that feeling!)

It’s got a touch of sweetness, but not so much that you feel like you’re eating dessert. If I had to describe it with one word, that word would be smooth. When you take a sip, it hits your tongue and the slightly fruity undertones create a kind of spark on your taste buds.

Cabernet Sauvignon- Winking Owl’s Cabernet Sauvignon is honestly better than some of the more expensive brands I’ve tried. I like how it lingers after I take a sip, but it’s not overbearing. It’s slightly dryer than the Merlot. It’s a delicious choice!

Sangria- I just recently tried Winking Owl’s Sangria for the first time. I’ve had other brands, and they were really refreshing, so it only made sense that I see what my favorite brand has to offer!

Because of the citrus undertones, it makes a great beverage to serve at your next Mexican food night. It pairs perfectly with the spiciness of most Mexican dishes.

Winking owl Sangria
Photo by Frank Zhang on Unsplash

Moscato- If you prefer white over red, Winking Owl’s Moscato is a sweet choice. Literally. It’s a great wine for beginners because it doesn’t overpower your senses, and the sweetness makes it really enjoyable. I like how light the Moscato tastes.

Pinot Grigio- Another good choice for white wine lovers, the Winking Owl Pinot Grigio has a slightly more sophisticated taste compared to the Moscato. It is on the dryer side and has a slight punch of citrus, making it very refreshing to enjoy on a hot day. It’s easy for me to overindulge because it has a very pleasant flavor.

Sweet Red- Just as the name implies, Winking Owl’s Sweet Red wine is, well, sweet. I love it as an after-dinner wine. It’s a great interlude between your meal and dessert.

Winking Owl Wine also offers Chardonnay, Shiraz, and White Zinfandel, among others. I have yet to try these wines because I’m pretty stubborn and like to stick to what I like. However, I will be testing them out soon so that I can add my honest review of them to this blog post.

I’d hate for you to have to go searching through multiple sources to get a sense of each wine, so I want to make sure you can find all of the reviews right here!

What Do Winking Owl Wines Pair Nicely With?

You might be wondering what foods you should eat with what wines. There are so many wine pairings, and you could go fancy or laid back. I tend to go laid back. (I’m not really the fancy type.) Here are just some basic ideas, but honestly, I drink it with whatever I like!

  • Merlot– Light meats such as chicken and pork, pasta, and roasted vegetables
  • Cabernet Sauvignon– Red meats like steak and prime rib, lamb (if you’re fancy), a big juicy burger (if you’re not so fancy), portabello mushrooms
  • Sweet Red– Pairs with really any food you like. Burgers, steak, chocolate cake, and an assortment of cheeses
  • Shiraz– Grilled chicken, bbq ribs, grilled vegetables, and pastas with meat sauce
  • Sangria– Mexican foods such as chorizo and stuffed peppers, spicy curry dishes, chips and salsa (my favorite is smokey chipotle)
  • White Zinfandel– Chicken Alfredo, fish, turkey, seafood like crab, shrimp, and lobster
  • Pinot Grigio– Shrimp Scampi, fish and chips, fried chicken and mac and cheese (because who doesn’t drink wine with their fried chicken?)
  • Chardonnay– Risotto, scallops, lobster, grilled fish, white cake
  • Moscato– Thai food, Korean food (my favorite! You can check read all about my favorite Korean dish in my Kimchi Jjigae post), cheese boards, cherry pie

For more information about wine pairing, check out this book:

Complete Wine Tasting and Pairing Guide for Beginners: Discover How to Taste, Select and Pair Wine with Food and Become an Expert Sommelier Over the Weekend

It Makes a Great Gift!

I’ve given Winking Owl wines as gifts for Christmas, birthdays, and even a wedding!

I’m not embarrassed about my love for this stuff! I think everyone should know they can treat themselves to a delicious bottle of wine and put the money they saved away for that vacation they’re planning, or the new sofa they’ve been dreaming about.

Next time you’re at Aldi, I suggest you grab a bottle of Winking Owl wine (or one of each) and give it a try yourself! I know you won’t be disappointed!

Conclusion of My Winking Owl Wine Review

  • It’s cheap
  • It tastes great
  • They have a good variety
  • It’s cheap (did I mention that already?)
  • It makes a great gift
  • It pairs well with any kind of food
  • You need to get some!

I hope you found my review of Aldi’s Winking Owl Wine useful. For more product reviews and money-saving tips, please check out the rest of my blog! And tell you friends!

4 thoughts on “Winking Owl Wine Review (by a Frugal Mom)”

  1. I love Winking Owl! I’ve tightened up my grocery budget enough that I haven’t even enjoyed that lately! That and I am trying to lose a few lbs and realized the $3 wines have quite a bit more sugar than the $7 wines. So I figure spacing them out further or enjoying them with others will be my treat at least for a while. Not as much fun though. 😉

  2. Mary Creekmore

    I just had the Merlot last night and totally agree with you. I told my daughter that for $3 it was a very good wine.
    I used to work for a liquor and wine distributor and I got to drink great wines.

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