The Ultimate Spring Break Bucket List For Families on a Budget

Spring Break on a Budget

Cheap or Free Spring Break Activities Everyone Can Enjoy

Spring Break is quickly approaching and if your kids are anything like mine, they are anxious to know what the plans are! I’ve put together the ultimate Spring Break Bucket List for families, just for you!

Being a family of 7, Spring Break can easily become expensive if we try to plan elaborate vacations. We don’t mind doing that every so often, but it’s usually easier (on our sanity and on our wallet) to try to think of some ideas we can do locally.

Spring Break on a Budget

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I struggle to come up with ideas that will keep all of the kids entertained. They range in age from 17 years old all the way down to three years old, so they all have different ideas of what “fun” means.

For my teenagers, the ideal Spring Break would be lounging around the house watching youtube and snacking. My 11-year-old would love to go on adventures and explore. My three-year-old is all about visiting the Children’s Hands-On Museum (over and over again even though nothing changes!)

Hands on Museum Spring Break
Milking a Cow at Tuscaloosa CHOM

I decided this year I would make a list of a few things they all love to do, and call it our Sping Break Bucket List. We can choose a few off of the list, or challenge ourselves to check them all off.

What I love about these activities is that they are either low-cost or cost nothing at all! Who doesn’t love having a great time with family and saving money at the same time?

Take a look at the Spring Break Bucket List I created, and see if you are able to get some inexpensive ideas that your family would enjoy!

Colorful Horse

Our Spring Break Bucket List

  1. Go hiking
  2. Watch a local sporting event
  3. Go camping (or camp out in your backyard)
  4. Visit a children’s museum
  5. Pretend to be a tourist for a day in your own city
  6. Paint rocks and leave them around town for people to find
  7. Visit a local art gallery
  8. Go see a local play or concert
  9. Have a picnic
Family Picnic
Photo by Liana Mikah on Unsplash
  1. Open a lemonade stand
  2. Family game night
  3. Plant a garden
  4. Try a new cuisine (cook at home or go to a restaurant)
  5. Go on a scavenger hunt
  6. Clear out closets and toy boxes and donate unwanted items (read my guide for donating used items here)
  7. Family movie night
Photo by Linus Mimietz on Unsplash
  1. Visit puppies at the local shelter
  2. Go fishing
  3. Go bowling
  4. Visit the library
  5. Lay on a blanket and count the stars
  6. Go electronics-free for one whole day
  7. Go to a farmer’s market and pick out fresh produce
  8. Have an ice cream party
  9. Teach the kids a game you played as a kid (my favorite was Red Rover)
Spring Break Library Trip

I hope this Spring Break Bucket List inspires you to have a fun, cheap Spring Break!

I’d love you hear about your Spring Break plans! Leave me a comment below, or get in touch with me on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest and tell me what you’re thinking!

Print This Bucket List Out And Check Off Activities as You Do Them!

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  1. Ashley Williams

    Definitely gonna try a few of these. I’ll have the boys the whole week, so it should be fun. ?

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