My Favorite Thrifty Furniture Finds

Zenith Radio

Perusing thrift stores, antique malls and garage sales is one of my favorite things to do in my free time. Most of the time I just browse, drooling over pretty antique furniture that I know I have just the right spot for. The majority of that furniture gets left behind because there is no way I’m spending that kind of money. Ha! Keep reading to find out about my favorite thrifty furniture finds!

Sometimes I get lucky and find the perfect piece of furniture at just the right price, and I want to share some of those with you! Some are functional pieces, some are just for aesthetic appeal, but they all make me smile when I walk by them!

Read on to see some of my favorite thrifty furniture finds!

Vintage Reproduction Washstand


I can’t tell you how long I have been admiring vintage/antique washstands on my treasure hunts. I had dreamed of having one in my home for the longest time! Every time I would think I found the perfect one, the price would make me cringe. Most places I looked at, the stand-alone was going for over $100, and the bowl and pitcher together ranged between $60 and $150! I just couldn’t bring myself to spend that much, no matter how much I needed it.

One day I was browsing one of my favorite local antique malls, Skyland Antique Mall in Tuscaloosa, and I came across this beautiful wash stand-complete with bowl and pitcher. I took a quick glance at the price tag, expecting to see it and be on my way. So, you can imagine the shock I felt when I saw a price of $24.00 on this beauty! There was no way I was passing this up!


1940’s Zenith Radio- $25

Zenith Radio

In Gadsden, AL on a day trip with the kids, we decided to go downtown and visit some antique stores. This radio was sitting right up front in the last store we visited, just begging to come home with us!

There was no price tag, which made me worry that someone had already swooped in and bought this beautiful radio out from under us. Tim asked the sales clerk about it, and she told him to talk to the gentleman in the back. He tracked down the older man, who was moving furniture from the storeroom and asked him the price. When he came back and told me they were only asking $25, I told the kids they better make room in the back of the mini-van because this was our newest treasure!

Red Leather Recliner- $30

Red Leather Recliner

This purchase was made with functionality in mind, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of my favorites! Tim had been wanting a recliner for a while, and I couldn’t find one that fit the style of our home the way I wanted. All of the recliners I saw at furniture stores were too bulky, too wide, or too expensive. Tim needed a comfortable chair to relax in, and I was determined to find one I actually liked looking at!

We were in Jasper, AL shopping at our favorite thrift store there, Family Thrift when we found this amazing deal! We always find great deals, but I didn’t expect to find this chair and footrest set that day! Not only is it real leather, but it’s my favorite color! And for only $30, I knew this was a steal!

Tim is happy with his recliner, I have something pretty to look at, and we didn’t go broke to get it. I call that a major win!

1953 Singer Sewing Machine- $15

Singer Sewing Machine

This piece I bought with my mom in mind. She would have loved it! Sadly, she passed away in January of 2016 and can’t enjoy it with me, but I know she would have loved it!

Growing up, my mom sewed all of our tattered clothes, made us new ones, and would sew just for fun. The minute I saw this, I knew she would approve.

We were browsing yard sales one weekend and stopped by a house right around the corner from ours. When I saw this, I thought I was looking at an old desk, but when I opened the top, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Reaching in, I pulled out a beautiful black Singer sewing machine. It had a metal plate showing the manufacture year as 1953! I was thrilled when the owner said she would take $15 for it! And it works! Unfortunately, I don’t sew, so I’ll just appreciate its beauty!

Mid-Century Gossip Bench- $10

Gossip Bench

I grew up watching the Donna Reed Show, I Love Lucy, and all those feel-good family shows from the ’50s. The style from that era has been ingrained in my memory as if I were actually a part of it.

This amazing piece was found on another one of our spontaneous outings. We had walked just about the entire 44,000 square feet of the Gardendale Flea Mall when we came upon an older couple clearing out their booth. They said they were packing up and closing down that day. While I was talking to them, this gossip bench caught my eye.

The older gentleman told me a little bit about this piece, then asked me if I was interested in buying it. With a hefty price tag of $85, I knew I would have to decline. As I was ready to walk away he said, “Tell you what, $10 and it’s yours. And I’ll throw in this end table with it.”

You better believe I had Tim load that gorgeous piece of history into our car before the man had a chance to change his mind! Now it’s sitting in my hallway and I still stop and admire it every time I walk by.

More to Come

I hope you enjoyed reading about my favorite thrifty furniture finds. I know there will be many more to add to this list as time goes on, and I can’t wait to share them with y’all!

Feel free to leave a comment with some of your favorite thrifty furniture pieces!

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