Great Value vs Cheese Club Mac and Cheese

Great Value vs Cheese Club

A Product Comparison: Great Value vs Cheese Club Mac and Cheese

If you’re a busy mom like me, it’s possible mac and cheese is a staple in your house. Particularly, boxed mac and cheese.

You know, the quick and easy solution to not having time to slave over a stove after a busy day of work, school, extracurricular activities, etc.

If we don’t have boxed mac and cheese in the house, I kind of panic.

Great Value vs Cheese Club

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I’m going to let you in on a secret that might shock you.

I’ve been a mom for 16 years, and I’ve been cooking mac and cheese for at least 14 of them. In all that time, I have never bought Kraft Mac and Cheese.

I’m pretty sure my kids don’t even know what it tastes like.

So, while I know Kraft is the popular choice, I want to give you an honest comparison between two of the generic brands I purchase regularly.

Just in case you’re frugal like me, and want to save those few cents each shopping trip!

I shop mostly at Walmart and Aldi, so I’m comparing Walmart’s Great Value Mac and Cheese and Aldi’s Cheese Club Mac and Cheese. Here goes!

Price of Mac and Cheese In My Area

Great Value (Walmart)- 34 cents per box

Cheese Club (Aldi)- 39 cents per box

A 5 cent difference per box doesn’t sound like much, but when you purchase a ton of mac and cheese like I do, it can add up!

I will note, Aldi’s prices do sometimes fluctuate, but I haven’t see it go below Walmart’s 34 cents.

Cooking Instructions

The cooking instructions on both Great Value and Cheese Club mac and cheese are practically identical.

Both called for 1/4 cup of 2% milk, and 1/4 of butter. We’re a whole milk household, so that’s what I used, as I always do.

Great Value called for cooking the noodles for 7 to 8 minutes, and Cheese Club called for 8 minutes.

Mac and Cheese


I’m big on making sure food has a decent appearance. I’m not a master of presentation by any means, but I do like to make sure my food looks good enough to eat!

In my opinion, I feel like Great Value’s Mac and Cheese appeared a little too bright. Cheese Club Mac and Cheese had a more muted color, still orange but not artificial-looking.

I feel like Cheese Club gives off a more natural look.

Mac and Cheese


As I was mixing the mac and cheese according to the instructions on the box, I noticed a slight difference in the consistency between the two.

Although they call for the same amount of butter and milk, Great Value had a more creamy consistency.

Cheese club was a bit dry and some of my taste testers mentioned that the noodles felt kind of sticky compared Great Value’s creaminess.


Since I try to stick to a mostly gluten-free diet, I enlisted the help of everyone else in the house for this taste test.

I had 4 kids and two adults sample both Great Value and Cheese Club Mac and Cheese and tell me their thoughts.

My ten year old made sure to tell everyone to consider texture and consistency along with taste. He wanted to make sure this was a fair contest!

Some of the participants didn’t notice much of a difference in taste, but a big difference in texture.

Overall, we had 4 votes for one and 2 votes for the other. You can see in the photo below that there was a clear favorite!

Mac and Cheese


With the battle of Great Value vs Cheese Club Mac and Cheese over, I took into consideration all of the above factors.

As much as I love Aldi, I have to give this one to Walmart‘s Great Value brand Mac and Cheese. The price is better, the taste is more enjoyable, and it’s nice and creamy!

My recommendation would be to skip Cheese Club Mac and Cheese the next time you’re at Aldi, and add Great Value to your list of items to purchase at Walmart. Great Value Original Macaroni & Cheese, 7.25 ounces, 18 Box (Pack of 3)

Great Value Mac n Cheese

Great Value vs Cheese Club Mac and Cheese Recap

  • Price: Great Value is cheaper
  • Cooking instructions were almost identical
  • Cheese Club looked more natural
  • Great Value was creamier
  • Great value tasted better overall
  • WINNER: Great Value

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8 thoughts on “Great Value vs Cheese Club Mac and Cheese”

  1. Great value mac n cheese is a staple in my kitchen. Its affordable and tastes pretty close to Kraft. Add a few slices of american cheese to the mix and you’d never know the difference.

  2. This is a very detailed post. You must have some awesome taste testers! Thank you for sharing your honest opinion. I’m glad to know I can buy the cheaper options and still make my family happy ?

  3. Thank you for this post. My son doesn’t care for Mac and cheese (shocking!) but I sure do. I too also Aldi but I care more about saving money and my food tasting good. I will def have to check our Walmart’s MAC ‘n CHEESE!!!

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