Gluten Free Yellow Cake: Whose is Better?

Gluten Free Cake

Aldi vs Pillsbury Gluten Free Yellow Cake Comparison

All opinions in my honest product comparison between Pillsbury Gluten Free Yellow Cake and Aldi’s liveGfree Gluten Free Yellow Baking Mix are mine and I was not compensated in any way for them.

Have you heard that saying, “I just came for the cake”? That’s my motto. I pretty much avoid social situations, unless there’s cake. The first thing I ask when I’m invited to a gathering is, you guessed it, “Will there be cake?”.

So, you can imagine how devastated I was when I realized gluten was behind all that was going wrong with my body the past few years!

Migraines, joint pain, inflammation, fatigue, stomach pains… it was terrible! All this time my favorite foods in the world were wreaking havoc on my poor body. I thought I’d have to give them up for good because, let’s be honest, gluten-free products cost a fortune when you’re frugal like I am!

Aldi Gluten Free Yellow Cake

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I was thrilled when I found Aldi’s gluten-free line of products called liveGfree. Finally, an affordable gluten-free option! I decided to try the yellow baking mix and see how it held up.

Curious to see if there were other low-cost gluten-free products, I was happy to see Pillsbury had a gluten-free cake option as well!

I thought it would be fun to cook both of these products and give you a broken down comparison, as well as which one I will continue to buy in the future!


Walmart sells the Gluten-Free Pillsbury Classic Yellow Cake mix for $2.48. That’s slightly higher than Aldi’s price tag of $1.99 for their liveGfree Yellow Baking mix. Not a huge difference, but it’s something to consider.

Additional Ingredients


I buy boxed cake mix for convenience. I haven’t, and don’t ever expect to, mastered the skill of baking gluten-free desserts from scratch. So, looking at the ingredients, I would say Pillsbury is the more convenient option. Only needing eggs, oil, and water is super-easy.

The liveGfree cake calls for Vanilla extract, butter, eggs, and milk. Just a little more complicated because I don’t always have all of those ingredients on hand when a cake craving hits.



Both brands offer easy to follow, straight to the point instructions. Neither was more complicated than the other, other than the added ingredients that liveGfree called for.


Gluten Free Cupcakes

The Pillsbury cake mix had a much brighter color, living up to the “yellow” in its name. The liveGfree cake mix was more like white cake.

I won’t complain though, because the reason it’s not yellow is that it does not have the artificial dyes that Pillsbury does.


Gluten Free Cake

Now, the most important comparison: taste. The Pillsbury cupcake had a strong vanilla flavor. It was very sweet, so I would prefer to eat it as a muffin without frosting. It was a little dry in texture at first, but after a few bites it became quite gummy, and I needed a glass of milk to wash it down.

The liveGfree cupcake had a more subtle flavor. It wasn’t overly sweet and would pair nicely with some chocolate frosting. It was moist and had a pleasant texture that didn’t overwhelm my palate, which was nice.

Tip: If you’re looking for inexpensive cupcake pans that last, try these that I found on Amazon!

Whose is better? Aldi or Pillsbury Gluten Free Yellow Cake

Gluten Free Cake

After forcing myself to eat one of each of these cupcakes (ha!), and asking for my family’s opinion, one brand came out on top. One brand got six votes, and the other got one.

Based on all of these factors, with taste carrying the most weight, from now on when a cake craving hits, I will be heading to Aldi to buy the liveGfree Yellow Baking Mix!


I am obviously not alone in my choice, because Aldi boasts that this brand has been chosen as the ninth annual Gluten Free Award winner. It even has the Good Housekeeping seal of approval right there on the box!

If you are having to live with gluten sensitivity or allergy but are really craving something delicious, I recommend you head to the nearest Aldi to get yourself some of this liveGfree Yellow Cake Mix!

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Aldi Gluten Free Cake

22 thoughts on “Gluten Free Yellow Cake: Whose is Better?”

  1. I love comparison reviews especially when you are comparing products from stores I shop at. I’m so glad Aldi came out on top too. I love how they have purposely stood by taking out all the artificial colors in their products. I haven’t tried this cake but will look for it on grocery day. Thanks!

    1. Thank you for your comment! I was sure Pillsbury would come out on top, but the Aldi brand just tastes more natural. And it really held up better. The next day the Pillsbury brand became almost wet and unappetizing. But the Aldi cupcakes held their taste and consistently perfectly!

  2. Thanks for this review. I haven’t tried the Aldi gluten free yellow cake mix yet, but deffinitly will after reading this. I do like that it has you add the extra ingredients as I prefer to choose more of what goes into my recipes. But trying to do gluten free baking from scratch is not something I will probably ever master.

  3. I’ve been considering going gluten free as I suspect it may be the culprit of some issues I deal with as well. Thanks for the product comparison–for the most part I’ve found that Aldi brand products usually taste better!

  4. I love this! I wish I could get ahold of the Aldi mix where I live without ordering online. I could use some yellow cake with chocolate frosting…


  6. This is good to know! We just had a Aldi grand opening in our area of Raleigh,NC and I will be sharing about their gluten free items. Thanks!

  7. It is great that you are able to find options that are gluten free! My husband’s favorite cake is yellow with chocolate frosting, which I will have to make soon as his birthday is coming up!

  8. Thank you for this! I try to eat GF and have never found a good cake! Do they make chocolate??

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