Omelet Pancakes

How I make Cheap and Easy Omelet Pancakes

When I say this is an easy recipe, there is no exaggeration in my words. My husband, Tim, is a huge fan of omelets. Sometimes I don’t mind spending the time it takes to make a really good one. The other day I wanted to make him something quick to eat that he would enjoy almost as much as he does omelets. So I grabbed a few things from my refrigerator, mixed them all up, and presented him with a five-minute breakfast that was to die for.

Easy Brussels sprouts

Easy, Delicious Bacon Brussels Sprouts Recipe

If someone told me two years ago that one day my kids would beg me to make Brussels sprouts for dinner, I would have thought they were insane! What kind of kid likes Brussels sprouts? Well, after I made this recipe as a side dish for dinner one night, my kids became obsessed with the green, smelly vegetable.