Aldi Grocery Delivery- Why I Love It (And Why I don’t)

Aldi Grocery Delivery

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What I Love About Aldi Grocery Delivery (And What I Don’t).

I’ve got a confession. When Walmart started offering grocery pickup and Aldi started grocery delivery, I didn’t understand the appeal of it. As a busy mom of five, my weekly grocery trips are like a vacation to me.

I understood why it might benefit other people, but I just never thought I would be okay giving up my vacations!

Until Covid-19 hit.

Aldi Grocery Delivery

Why I Tried Aldi Grocery Delivery

Since all of this craziness started, I have not done any grocery shopping trips. I wasn’t about to risk getting sick or bringing something home to my family.

I decided to utilize Walmart’s grocery pickup service even though the one time I tried it before was pretty chaotic.

The Walmart Associate loaded all of my groceries into someone else’s trunk and didn’t realize it until I called the store because my order was showing picked up, but I was still sitting in the parking lot waiting.

The second attempt at Walmart grocery pickup went quite a bit smoother, and I was pretty happy with it.

However, the next time I placed an order, it was scheduled for 11:00 on a Friday and I received an email that morning saying it would be delayed, but no estimated time.

I didn’t get any updates all day, and the FOLLOWING morning at 7 am I got the text saying my order was ready.

Needless to say, I was not a satisfied customer at that point. I totally understand how overwhelming the current situation is for places of businesses, however, the lack of communication tipped the scales for me.

When Walmart canceled our most recent order within only two hours of the scheduled pickup (over 24 hours after my order was placed), we knew we wouldn’t be using them again. (I gave them so many chances.)

Walmart vs Aldi
Walmart canceled my order, so I quickly placed an order through Aldi – and Aldi delivered my groceries two hours later!

My Experience

My husband, Tim, decided to try Aldi’s grocery delivery in between my disappointing Walmart experiences, and I’ve got to give him credit.

I was ready to risk my health to go to Aldi, which is my preferred grocer anyway, before Tim realized they offer delivery through Instacart.

Our first experience was good, with just a small hiccup.

The Instacart employee accidentally marked our groceries as delivered and spent 30 minutes in the Aldi parking lot trying to change it to “on their way”.

It was pretty funny once he got here and Tim was assured our groceries weren’t being held for ransom or stolen.

I’ve used Aldi’s grocery delivery service three times since then. As a matter of fact, I have a delivery on it’s way to my door as I write this.

Aldi Grocery Delivery

How Does Aldi Grocery Delivery Work?

In select geographical locations, Aldi offers curbside pickup and grocery delivery. Our location does not offer pickup at this time, but I’m hoping they will in the future.

Basically, when you order online through Aldi’s website your order is sent to an Instacart personal shopper who shops for your items and delivers them to your door.

You enter your payment information right on the Aldi website, so nobody actually has access to your information.

A hold is placed on your debit or credit card, about $25 in my experience, to account for any product replacements that may need to be made.

If items are replaced or not available, the total is adjusted before the payment processes.

Aldi Groceries
The Good Ol’ Days of In-Store Shopping

How Much Does Aldi Grocery Delivery Cost?

The actual cost of Aldi Grocery delivery service varies based on location and total spent. Instacart offers a subscription for $14.99 a month, which would be great for frequent shoppers.

I jumped on Aldi’s new shopper promotion and received my first three deliveries (over $35) free. I will be paying $3.99 for each delivery from now on.

Depending on how long this Covid-19 stuff lasts, I may sign up for that Instacart subscription and save myself a little money!

For more information, check out the Aldi Grocery and Delivery FAQ.

What I love about Aldi Grocery Delivery

  • One of the most obvious things I love about Aldi Grocery delivery is that I can literally have my groceries delivered to my door.
  • Also, I can choose replacements in the event the item I want is out of stock.
  • I receive notifications as items are being replaced or refunded.
  • I usually have my groceries within two hours of placing my order.
  • The Instacart drivers are always super nice!

A Few Things I don’t Like So Much About It

  • If they replace an item with something more expensive, they charge the higher price. Whereas, Walmart does not charge more if they replace with a more expensive item
  • Prices of some items are more expensive than in-store prices. For instance, a box of Macaroni and Cheese is $.33 in-store, but $.39 for delivery.
  • In addition to a delivery fee, I also pay a service fee and a tip for the driver. I don’t mind the tip, they totally deserve it.

Even though I pay a little more for delivery than I would for in-store grocery shopping at Aldi, I feel like at this time it’s completely worth it.

I absolutely love knowing that even after we get through this Covid-19 crisis I will have the option to use Aldi grocery delivery if I need to.

What if I break my leg and can’t drive? Aldi will deliver.

What if I get four flat tires and can’t get to Aldi? They’ll come to me!

What if I just decide I really don’t like leaving my house after all? Aldi will be there for me!

I feel much more comfortable saying that compared to Walmart.

Aldi grocery pin

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